World War 1

America joins the fight, April 6, 1917

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Glimpses From The Great War

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  • 4 million Americans mobilized.
  • 53,000 Americans killed in 7 months of combat operations.
  • The world's maps and politics changed forever!

First impressions from initial previews:

"’s a terrific history lesson. I really had no understanding of this war and you certainly filled in a lot of the historical gaps.

"This should be required viewing in history classes. The colorization of the photos is quite effective and does help put the war experience in a visual context that young people can understand."

      - T.H., American Filmmaker

"The documentary created a very visual picture for me, which made it very easy to comprehend. The songs, photos, and people in the video all made it feel as realistic as possible."

     - Z.K., American high school student

"Everything is well explained...  I think than even people who know nothing about WWI should understand."

     - C.H., French Filmmaker

"How moving it is to see and hear these two veterans!  I’ve learnt a lot from your film and for sure I will tell many people to watch it."

     - F.L., French historic guide

​"Hello, thank you for your documentary. I enjoyed it very much. Keep it up! Cheers from Germany." 

     -B., Germany